Sunday, June 20, 2010

Permata di Celahan Kaca

I have some good news and bad news.

The good news is: kita dah sebulan lbey blaja kt KMTPh. alaun pn da masuk. so, memang sronok la. membe-membe kt sini plak, lbey kurang je kepale nye. memang enjoy la duk kt sini..

Ni tyme hari last MPPB. Habis kita semua diTEPUNGkan.hak3!!

Yang ni name dye Wan.

Yang mengerikan tu plak, Zhaf

Yang ni name nye Smith.

The bad news is..I have to leave this college...
Don't worry guys.i'll never forget all of you.hahahaha (:

and...antara mereka-mereka ni, ad lagi seorang permata yang I newly discovered..;)

P/S: kpd mereka yg gmbo ny xsempat di upload..I am so so so so sorry.sebab...biase la.wifi college.paham2 je la.huhuhuhu :P

END of Scene: That's a wrap!

                I heard sweet chirps in my ears. I couldn’t exactly remember that I had sleep for how long. As I opened my eyes again for the first time, bright sunlight nearly made me blind. I breathe in fresh air…and smiled. “Today is a new day,” I whispered to myself.

                I went downstairs for breakfast. However, I am always alone as both of my parents were much earlier than me as they need to hurry for their work. While spreading some butter on the bread, something crossed my mind. Something that is much related to me, a word. “Alone”

                Three years ago, Jennifer Watson or Jenny or mostly familiar to be called as “Jen”… She left me alone. Neglecting my feelings and everything, she’d gone for her choice with other guy. However, thanks to Him, we were later be friends again, yet we are best friends now.

                One year back, Sophie and her twin had cheated me at the time I started to adore her. Once, they said that they share their phone number. Until I discovered that everything was totally a big lie from them. Sophie left me alone and made me as a piece from the dump. How dare you!

                It took months for me to recover from this ‘illness’. Gratefully, I managed to do so. “What goes around comes around,” as Timberlake said in his song, I believe that whatever happened to me has its own goodness and badness. And I believe, they’ll also get ‘something’. It’s just a matter of time; maybe it’ll be sooner or later in the future. So, Rihanna said, “live your life” and that’s what I’m going to do. “Live Your Life to the Max!” –


Jenny met this guy and lived happily with him and she’s been a good friend of mine and we are still in touch.

Sophie, I don’t know. Maybe she found what she’d look for. Hope she’ll be happy in her life.

Sophie’s twin… still in touch with me. But, we are no longer close friend like what we used to be.

After all, everybody now is continuing our studies in colleges. Which mean we are stepping into adulthood, soon.

Me? I am still an ordinary person that’ll act extraordinary as I believe, “With great power, comes great responsible”.

*All characters are not related to anyone alive or dead…
This is just a piece of mind…

ACT 07: Final Act (Part 2 )

Author: I'm sorry for not continuing the second part of ACT 07. Actually, I don't want to remember the 'dark' plot anymore. In fact, I'd erase everything out of my mind long before I planned to continue the second part of this ACT. However, today I'll try to end this act as simple as I can. Enjoy your readin' fellas.

It started rain heavily as I arrived at the station and it was already at 1600 hours. Rainy weather means more slippery road surface and of course...wet. Even worse, I didn’t expect that day were going to rain. So, I left my raincoat at home! “Ah! There they are…” they arrived…finally..

                “So, where do we eat? I’m starv…” “I’m sorry but I think we can’t go and eat along with you. Our bus is at 5,” she interrupted. It was fine for me eventhough I am really starving at that time. So, I waited for her get into her bus along with her friends. Suddenly, a best friend of mine which was also my competitor came and she instantly went to go and chat with him.

I heard some noise about what were they talking (about having a meal that time). “How about if we go and eat now?” “Sounds good,” she said. Feeling unneeded. I went off to my bike. It was still raining that evening. Without thinking much, I ride my bike and stop for a while near her at the platform to say goodbye. Unfortunately, that was my bad day. Accidently, my bike slides along the platform with a few people watching as I pressed the throttle. She, however acted that I was not there! No one helped me. In fact, she didn’t at least look at me lying on earth!

I stood up and reignited my bike and off I went. I learnt that she didn’t even need me! I was hurt; effect from the accident. But deep inside … I was injured much more than what I felt after I felt. Goodbye Sophie.

*All characters are not related to anyone alive or dead…
This is just a piece of mind…